Still standing still…..

Feeling as though I’m doing the dog-paddle backwards.
Working hard, at least feeling like I’ve been working hard & making very little headway.
My Dad always said “throw the sh*t away & all your troubles will follow”.
I stay out of mischief & work diligently at my job & try to be responsible. Yet, still, I struggle to make ends meet, to provide for my Son and it seems as though I’m ever failing.
I know I need to take a step back & somehow look at my life from a different angle to change things up for myself.
I want to leave Port Alberni, but, must see some things through to the finish before I can go.
I think that may be what is really bothering me, the whole “hurry up & wait” aspect of my life here.

Basket of Burdens

My Basket of burdens
Is filled with the grief of my loss
It is so heavy to carry
Although this road I must cross.

This pathway through life
Feels unbearable at times
And I don’t have the strength
For this mountain that I climb.

The Basket’s filled with sorrow
Oh, how I miss my love
At first,
It’s impossible to carry,
Where is my help from above?

It’s draining my strength
I can’t do anymore
This pain goes so deep
Right down to my core.

As I carry this Basket
I’ll learn to manage the weight
Each step of the way
Will become easier they say.

But how do they know,
Have they been here before?
If so, where’s their Basket
They’re responsible for?

This Basket of burdens
You can’t see and can’t touch
I carry it inside me
This pain is too much.

Patience is needed to carry
This loss that I feel
A shoulder to lean on
So, someday I will heal.

Source: This Basket Of Burdens, Grief Poem
Family Friend Poems

Theme Song of The Day – The Verve

This song always makes me think of my Dad….


In loving memory of Dad

In loving memory of Dad

Theme Song of The Day – Bill Withers

Theme Song of The Day – Metallica

Thinking of Glen today, feeling kinda down. Both the lyrics and the guitar in this song speak to my soul.


Loving the hot tub tonight!



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