Theme Song of The Day – The Verve

This song always makes me think of my Dad….


In loving memory of Dad

In loving memory of Dad

Theme Song of The Day – Bill Withers

Theme Song of The Day – Metallica

Thinking of Glen today, feeling kinda down. Both the lyrics and the guitar in this song speak to my soul.


Loving the hot tub tonight!




One door away from Heaven,
We live each day and hour.
One door away from Heaven,
But it lies beyond our power
To open the door to Heaven
And enter when we choose.
One door away from Heaven,
And the key is ours to lose.
One Door away from Heaven,
But, oh, the entry dues.

~The Book of Counted Sorrows

I just finished reading Dean Koontz’s novel titled One Door Away From Heaven, an amazing & beautiful story!
It’s funny, no matter how a book ends, I always find myself reaching for the tissues. The written word, if written well, moves me to tears at the conclusion. I’m so filled with emotion the only way those feelings can find their way out of me is through tears.
I’m such a big baby, I cry over *everything*! I’m sad, I cry. I’m angry, I cry. I’m afraid, I cry. I’m happy, I cry.
It’s a wonder that I’m not all shriveled up like raisin from crying all the time.

Theme Song of The Day – The Tragically Hip

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