Hangin at Steph’s

Bryce & I are hanging out at our friend Steph’s, getting some laundry done and  Bryce is fooling around with his computer….nice to have an internet connection sometimes.  I just uploaded a bunch of piccy’s of our baby, Skooter…he’s sooooo adorable.  I’m so glad that my friend Angel gave him to me, I knew it was only a matter of time before Bryce fell in love with him too (it only took 1 day).
Things have been going pretty well, except the kids went to Grammy’s as soon as school was out & I miss them bunches….but, it’s too boring out at our place for them while I’m at work and Brycee’s starting work soon too, so it would be doubly boring for them.
Not much new in my little world, work is same old same old….the only new thing is our kitty.
bye for now everyone 🙂  oh & this is my favourite piccy of skooter so far.


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