life is never boring & be nice to strangers

one thing is for sure, there is not one thing about my life that is boring.
got the boot from felicia, she heard that i had a decent amount of money &  I wasn’t  giving her any so that I could provide a home for my family & I.
Heaven forbid.  What ever happened to helping family just for the sake of helping somebody that matters to you?
Bryce & I found more kindness in complete strangers than we did in somebody who claimed to be our family & supposedly loved us.
She threw us away when we would no longer serve her selfish purpose and laughed at our sorrows when we no longer suited her needs.
Next time you have the opportunity to be kind to a stranger, just do it.  your kind act, however small, just may make the difference in somebody’s life.
I know it made a difference in ours.  Those few small acts of kindness displayed to us restored our faith in humanity, and showed us that not everybody is
awful and self-serving.  I even extended thanks to someone I had deemed unworthy to have in my life.
So, the moral of the story:
Betty’s life is never dull & be kind to strangers…..they have the best candy.

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