I did a numerology report a couple of weeks ago with sort of
interesting results, although, I’m not sure of the validity of it. I
mean, one can take a number of traits, put them all together and have
those traits fit a large group of people to some extent. Anyway, here
is my report (peppered with my own outlook):

I am a Number One.
Number Ones have the following Positive Characteristics:

Decisive (err..dunno ’bout that) & independent. Strong &
effective leaders as they are assertive, confident & perceptive.
Number Ones often reach the top in their chosen career because they are
self-motivated & focused on success. They are often higher than
average intelligence & use this to their advantage. (which is a
silly thing to say, because ANYBODY with higher than average
intelligence is going to use that to their advantage) Number Ones are
strongly linked with creative talents & originality. (again, kind
of silly thing to say, in my opinion everybody has some kind of
creative talents & are original in their own ways)

Negative Characteristics:

Tend to be self-centered (EVERYBODY is self-centered in their own way)
& have a narrow vision as a result of their self confidence &
determination to succeed. They can be rather tyrannical in their
attempts to lead & other people often find them domineering &
dictatorial. (move over Kim Jong Il, someone less lethal is taking your
place!) Number Ones are not good at negotiating & can be stubborn
& uncooperative. (only when I know I am right) Number ones can be
their own worst enemies if they set themselves unachievable goals that
cannot be met. (nothing is unachievable!) This in turn can lead to
frustration. (well…okay, maybe SOME things are unachievable)


Number Ones will often find that they have many relationships before
they settle down. (don’t most people?) They have high expectations of
their partners & will often be disappointed if they find their mate
does not meet these expectations. Number ones should be aware that they
may be seeking a perfect partner who does not exist. (he’s out there, I
know he is!)
It would be wise for Number ones to assess what they really want from a
relationship & with whom they are likely to achieve this. (again,
doesn’t that go without saying for everybody?) They should accept their
own limitations as well as their partners in order for a relationship
to succeed. To maintain a happy & healthy relationship, Number ones
will need to make a concentrated effort to prioritize their
relationships & allow time in their lives to spend with their
partners. (ok, I guess I can agree with some of that…I know I’m not
very realistic in regards to my perfect man & I know I like a lot
more space than most women)
Number ones often need a lot of reassurance & praise from their
partners in order to boost their self-esteem. (I don’t know about that,
a little bit of reassurance & praise is nice, too much makes me
uncomfortable) Number ones should remember, however that their partners
will need this to be reciprocated. (duh, really?)
Relationships will tend not to be the priority in the lives of number
ones, as they do not regard it as an area in which success can be
measured. The focus of their lives will tend to be careers or material
gain & this can put relationships in the shadow. As a result,
Number ones are frequently loners & are often content to be so. (I
have a lot of fun all by myself, but, that’s not to say that somebody
special wouldn’t be a priority to me though)

Number Ones enjoy a good time (who doesn’t?) and can often live life to
excess (is there any other way?) They are often guilty of burning the
candle at both ends (*I* don’t feel guilty about it!) which may
eventually take its toll. Number ones should be aware of their excesses
& try to balance them within their lives. (moderation is the key!)


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