I’ve always thought that everybody has a path to follow, maybe not so much a predetermined destiny, but, each has a journey they must take, some purpose to serve. 
I have also always thought that I would like to do something somewhat meaningful with my life.  Not necessarily something that would have huge social consequences or make vast sweeping changes across the nation, but, something a bit smaller and more local to me that would make a difference in somebody’s life somehow.  Maybe make things a little less stressful or just give somebody a reason to smile when they’re feeling down.
For many years now though, I’ve felt directionless.  As if I had no path of my own to follow, that perhaps I was dropped off in the jungle randomly and left to hack away at the vines in my way all by myself to find my way out; flailing at trees and creepers that stood before me, mocking me for my lack of direction, being lost, always searching for the right way; being mislead by little trails worn into the ground by small animals, always, always coming to a dead end.  Should I find another lost soul at the dead end, I extend a hand in offer of help.  Help finding a way out of the jungle to safety, to happiness.
It’s good to hold somebody’s hand and feel not so alone, not so lost or misplaced and it always hurts a little when they let go as soon as they find their own path.
Maybe the next person whose hand I hold won’t be so quick to let go.  Maybe one day I’ll have help finding my path, regaining my purpose.
I believe that everything does happen for a reason.  It’s just not clear to me at the moment why I can’t seem to find my way back to the right track.


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