wondering….. not anymore am I wondering….except what the hell happened???

What the f*ck is wrong with me?  I know I’m attractive, fun, smart and fairly accepting of most people….I know I’m a little mental, but, really, who isn’t?  I think the only difference between me and most other people is I’ll say the words that are churning through my brain.  Of course I don’t to people I don’t know, but, with people I’m close to and trust…..

It’s all I can do to keep it together since Saturday night.  I didn’t see it coming.  Not at all.  To be dumped by someone you are falling in love with hurts.  A lot.  To be dumped by that person via text is simply crushing. What that said to me is I am not worth the time to sit down with in person and have an honest conversation. It said to me: You are shit on the bottom of my shoe that I need to brush off and be done with.

I give up world.  Will you please just stop crapping on me?  I get it.  I’m meant to be alone.




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