so happy to be finally moving out of my friends basement and into a place I can call my own. ah, nearly back on my feet again; I suppose I’ll have to go get one of those job thingers I keep hearing about….gonna be difficult after being my own boss for so long….and I’m going to miss just making my schedule up as I go along….ah the sacrifices lol
Despite the moving plans, it’s been a very bleak and lonely week. I’m enjoying having the house all to myself on the one hand, but, on the other, at night, it’s kind of scary here, it’s such a huge house and always makes lots of bumps and creaks in the night. I miss my guy so much. well, i guess not my guy anymore. whatever. i miss him. i’ve been trying to keep busy so as not to think of him, but, my mind always goes back to him.
I can’t seem to stop crying really….well, when people are around, i manage to keep it together. I think what I need is that big cry – you know, the big sobbing, lung jerking cry when you start to hyper-ventilate. that’s what i need to get him out of my system….or just him. obviously i’d prefer him over crying.


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