I find myself pondering life, my interactions with people, how I feel about others and how I feel about their opinions of me. And I wonder….
Am I overly sensitive? Some may think so. I feel so deeply about each connection I make with each person I encounter. Even a seemingly casual acquaintance touches me deeply and anything contrary that may occur between us hurts me so much. Perhaps more so than it would others.
I wonder why that is? What is casual and of little or no consequence to one is so intensely felt by me that I sometimes think maybe I’m a little bit nuts. Overly dramatic?
*sigh* They say you choose how you feel….I don’t think so. I either feel deeply & intensely or not at all. I don’t think you choose who you love, sure, there are qualities about a person that draws you to them, but, deep down, you love who you love and the heart wants what it wants and nothing you can say or do can or will change that. This is what I believe.
Where am I going with all this? I don’t know, but, when I get there, I’ll gladly share my destination.


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