Thoughts of an Insomniac

I sit and contemplate the world we live in….some thoughts are downright depressing. How it’s accepted to just turn the other cheek to somebody in need of help. Every day, well to do people sneer down their noses at the so-called “dregs of society”, the Mothers trying to feed and clothe their children turned criminal to do so, people who are so down on their luck they’ve started stealing to survive. Instead of helping them, society gives them the cold shoulder.
The people in my life who I most admire at this very moment are who would be considered criminals.
Why do I admire them? Because, even though they commit crimes on a daily basis to survive, they wouldn’t hesitate to risk themselves to help another human being.
I know a lady who most people would look down on as a common criminal, petty thief, who just last week risked her life to save many others. From what I understand, she did it unthinkingly. She saw a building on fire, ran inside the smoke filled apartment building, purse still on her shoulder and woke up all the tennants left inside on the first floor and as if that wasn’t risky enough, ran to the top floor to save an elderly lady’s cat, dragged the cat down 4 flights of stairs, all the while being attacked by said feline. When she realized that she lost her purse while struggling with the cat, she tried to go back in, too late. All was lost, but, she survived and everybody got out of the building thanks to her.
I wish I had the means to help her replace the money and i.d. etc. that was in her purse. All I can do is be proud to know her and thank god for the “dregs” of society like her.

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