More Chicken Soup?

Over the weekend I worked on some new submissions for next year’s editions of Chicken Soup for The Soul.  The one piece I did submit on the weekend was a poem for Chicken Soup for The Soul, Tough Times for Teens.  I probably won’t know if it will be published or not until November or December.  They say only 3% of submitted stories make it to publication with Chicken Soup.  I’m rather proud that I’m twice published with them now. (=

I’ve tried my hand at fiction & I feel that life is bizarre enough without me going around making sh*t up.  Non-fiction is by far, entertaining enough for me.  Seriously, some of the stuff I & my friends do and stuff I see….you just can’t make that crap up!

My book that I had began working on..well, geeze, that was 3 years ago when I started the damned thing…how’s that for procrastination?  I am getting my Master’s Degree in putting things off. (and wandering a wee bit off topic)  Anyway, most of my short, non-fiction stories are very serious and tear-jerkers.  I think I’m going to give comedy a go…I know it’s difficult to be humourous, but, I think I can nail it.


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