In Loving Memory of Robert D. Stevenson

I gave this tribute 9 years ago at my Father’s funeral. I can think of no other way to express how much I miss him.

My Father.

He was a man of great principle and integrity.
I learned so much from my Father.

He taught me forgiveness, for always, he forgave everyone for any wrong doing.

He taught me perserverence. Never did he give up on anything or anyone.
When he walked away from any failed project he always carried himself with dignity and aplomb. In doing so, he taught me to be humble.

Often, I would find him working in his greenhouse, there we would share a quiet chat about his gardenias or azaeleas. In the greenhouse, my Father taught me that to nurture and grow all living things was not just a hobby, but a way of life.

When he wasn’t tending to his plants, he was tending to the people surrounding him.
Indeed, he was a man that sought out people and nurtured friendships with his neighbours. I am sure there are many a neighbour that will miss his always sparkling smile and happy wave as he wandered his neighbourhood.

My favourite times with my Father were spent in the bushes picking mushrooms, reaching for the big one, only for him to come along and snitch it from my grasp, all the while laughing at me for being too slow.
Or Playing cards with him and my Mom and family friends. Never once could I bluff him out of a game.

The one thing that he taught me above all else was to meet life head on, never shy away from the task at hand and no matter what, keep smiling.

I thank you now Dad for the lessons in life you gave me. You were a wonderful teacher.

I will miss you always.


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