Pretend Friends….

I just don’t get people sometimes.  If you want something from me, just ask for it.  Don’t pretend to be my friend so that you can get what you want & then cut out when you have it.

I have a very close friend & the thing I *REALLY* appreciate about him is this:  I ALWAYS know what he wants from me.  If he wants to borrow money, or whatever, he simply calls me and – I know this sounds crazy – ASKS ME FOR IT!!  Also, there are times that he actually wants to hang out with me & I know this, because he ASKS ME TO HANG OUT WITH HIM!!  And DOESN’T expect ANYTHING from me except for my company….I have to say, this friend has absolutely nothing but respect from me, he’s one of the very few truly honest friends that I have….I can count on one hand how many truly honest friends I have.

I wish this friend of mine would give lessons to others in honesty and friendship, the world could use more people like that.


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  1. Logan
    May 26, 2012 @ 09:45:15

    You have a gem for a friend. Keep him around… 🙂


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