What I know about me…..

  • I’m smart
  • I’m beautiful
  • At times, I’m shallow
  • Other times, the deepest pools of emotion
  • I’m unconventional
  • I’m in love with the idea of being in love
  • My search for life’s answers are never ending
  • Even though they’re really quite like vermin, I love cats
  • Even though we need them, I think spiders are gross
  • I raised 2 of the best kids ever and I haven’t a clue how I did it.
  • I’m insecure and shy
  • I seem confident and outgoing to others
  • I’ll never make the first move in any kind of  relationship
  • I have a much easier time writing than I do speaking
  • I’m domestically challenged.
  • I have a yearning for the unknown
  • I speak before I think
  • I often get in trouble for speaking without thinking, yet do nothing to stop that.
  • I have many weird phobias and I have no desire to face my fears – why should I?
  • I am unique
  • If you know me, you will never meet another like me….you’re either really glad for that or wish for more people like me.

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