Settling in

After what I am certain was THE LONGEST MOVE in the history of moving, I am pretty exhausted! Moving sucks. And not in a good way. Moving without a vehicle of your own absolutely blows. I highly recommend abstaining from that. The last day of moving, which was last week sometime, was spent arranging things in my new place in such a way that allowed me to throw my mattress down, sheets & blanky & pillow on top, quickly followed by my crippled, vomity body. Managed to force myself out of ‘bed’ a couple of times, but, pretty much stayed put for 7 days. I have 3 weeks to put my apartment in order. I moved from a giant 3 bdrm to a teeny, little, wee 1 bdrm. When The Jester arrives, I see my clutter & chaos not going over very well. Where’s the Magical Feng Shui Fairy when I need one?

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