Looking a gift horse in the mouth

I’ve never really understood it when a gift is given with unspoken conditions…..

I mean, yes, obviously, we all have expectations of our friends & family, but,  I think one of those expectations may be not attaching obligations to gifts given.

This is something I’ve experienced with a few different people who I thought to be helpful and generous.  That is, until I enforced personal boundaries and stuck to my guns.  That is when I discovered the real meaning of gift giving and being kind & helpful to others in a truly selfless manner.

When I give a gift, it belongs to the person I give it to and I no longer have any say whatsoever what happens to said gift; also, it is not my God given right to anything the giftee has that I might want, just because I gave them something or helped them with a task.   Once said gift or favour is mentioned in a manipulative way, (ie. “well, I gave you such & such, so I don’t see why you can’t do so &  s0 for me”), it is no longer a gift or favour, but, has become a burden.

That being said, I dearly hope that I don’t do such a thing to others,  I like to think I don’t do that.  I gotta admit though, I *have* fallen into the trap and participated in the p*ssing match once it began, really wish I didn’t, but, what can I say?  I’m human and I take things personally, because, guess what?  I’m a person.


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