What I know about me…..what I’ve learned about me

What I know about me…... and what I’ve learned about me since….

  • I’m still insecure & shy
  • I’m not needy in a relationship when I feel my love is wholly returned
  • I don’t need another’s approval, but, I do feel better if I’m reassured of acceptance.
  • I feel belittled when people roll their eyes at something I say
  • I feel loved when my man holds my hand in public
  • I feel happiest when I know my loved ones support me
  • The next time I am issued an ultimatum, the person giving it will lose on principle, I will not allow myself to be blackmailed ever again for any reason.
  • I may be demanding in any relationship, be it friendship or romantic, but, anybody would be hard pressed to find a more loyal or devoted friend or lover.
  • I am very principled
  • I love to laugh, but, not at my expense, nor anybody else’s
  • It still hurts me when somebody says “just kidding” after saying something hurtful to me.
  • I have deep seated issues stemming from a prior abusive relationship
  • I wish I could be a different person sometimes.
  • The people that I love, I love with all my heart & would do or not do whatever it takes to keep them from hurting.
  • Even though I know not everyone thinks like I do, it’s difficult for me to understand why somebody would continue doing something that is not addictive, but, equally hurtful to someone they love.
  • I’m not sure if I do the above to anybody I love, but, I know in my heart of hearts, I would try my best to correct it if I did.
  • Sometimes I feel undesirable and ugly
  • Usually once a week
  • I feel insecure in my current relationship *edit* Looking at this in retrospect tells me to ALWAYS listen to that little voice that tells me something is up because not long after writing this, the man who I thought would be with me until my dying days left me */edit*
  • I don’t know why *edit* I know why now – because my man was screwing around with a gross, rude, home-wrecking whore. */edit*
  • I have often felt as though I am merely an option to a lot of people in my life.
  • Since I decided to no longer associate with people who I think treat me poorly or have harmed or mean to harm me, I have very few people in my life.
  • I am not as lonely as I once was.
  • Many people think I am harsh, but, I don’t believe I am, I *do* however, say what is on my mind, sometimes not right away, but, it gets said exactly how it happens in my brain.
  • That isn’t anything new
  • I’ve run out of things I’ve learned since my original post.

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