Arbutus Cove…..

Distance and echoes
and the footprints left by time
are all that remain;

as if an ocean’s tide had ebbed
never to return.
A curiosity, like a ship sinking
beneath the morning horizon; and I wonder, for a moment,
if I’ll ever see it again;
then, the next moment,
unable to remember if it ever existed:

a memory
soon lost, like the stars that hide themselves
behind the brilliant curtain in the living room of the new day.
They’re there or are they?

Of course, he still exists, his heart beating
behind a chest wall somewhere in this world,
a pulsation that is now indiscernible
from all the other hearts and chest walls beating.

I breathe;

heart chambers return from contraction,
blood flows;
my chest wall relaxes and pulls the ocean back from its ebb,
baptizing my feet,
my mind,
my soul.

I look for the stars,
the ship on the horizon,
his footprints left in the sand,
and the memory of his face;

but all I see is the ocean,
and he is not there.


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