2012 Year End Re-Cap

~Old friend returns ~New love begins ~Vexation unto others “listening” at my closed doors ~Secret knowledge ~control & possessiveness ~Double standards ~Unconditional love ~Unreturned love ~Spurned love ~Huge changes ~Squids ~Unreality ~JustinTV without my consent >( ~Take a step back from 12 steps ~Frightening paths ~Trust ~Messages from a higher power ~Please hold my hand & lead me gently ~Teaching & learning to accept another’s love ~abandoned ~scorned ~Betrayal ~Roommates ~Grief ~Jail ~Accepting the truth about false friendships ~identifying malicious intent ~Unfounded jealousy ~Hipocrisy ~Guilt trips ~More betrayal ~KARMA~KARMA~KARMA~ ~Being valued less than material items ~Disrespected ~Reunite with good friend ~A shoulder to cry on ~Help her pick up the pieces ~Know thy self ~Learn thy self ~Maintaining dignity ~Remaining faithful to the unfaithful ~Adoring the undeserving ~Moral support ~Helping homeless friends ~Befriending the Bipolar ~Enforced lonliness ~crazymaking ~Being stolen from one too many times ~Making right the theft ~Outcast for seeking justice ~Outcast for being truthful ~Outcast for demanding what is right ~OUTCAST & EMBRACING IT!!! ~Flea Markets ~Nine days of adventure in Vancouver ~MuthaEffingMonkeyToast!! ~Chasing a skunk ~Temper Tantrums & timeouts ~Fun fun fun ~Bottle digs ~Long distance love ~Moving ~Phone calls ~Letters, letters, letters ~Still moving ~Beautiful art ~Beautiful artist ~Extreme encounters with the spirit world ~Yard sales ~STILL moving ~Drunken idiot neighbours ~Llama drama ~Dorky Yorky ~Potential stalker ~A day at the lake ~Confusion ~Heartbreak ~Heartache ~Lonely for the love of my life ~delayed reunion ~MORE Llama drama ~True colours ~Too bad some peoples true colours turned out to be black ~Feeling lost & deserted ~Thought I was dumped ~Standing up to jerks for my friend ~Moose in The Forest ~Revenue Canada is stupid & slow ~So are the jerks who were mean to my friend ~Waiting waiting waiting for $ ~A Turkey weekend of bliss ~Starting a fight at my Thanksgiving Family Dysfunction without knowing it ~Pants from France given a chance ~New friendships developing strong ties ~So happy to have the love of my life with me for even a weekend ~ Bliss, happy, joy ~Deep love ~Empty house ~No supervision ~Mischief ~Missing my Dad after 10 long years ~Worried about Mom ~Only couple more months left ’til the world ends ~Can’t believe how quickly time flies ~New beginnings ~FINALLY getting my apartment in order ~Sensual pleasure ~Walking on clouds ~Praying this happiness never ends ~Overcoming insecurities ~Love of the rest of my life ~Wanting to move away from my hometown ~Hesitant ~STILL waiting for Revenue Canada!! ~Trying to stay away from false friends ~Wishing pretend friends would just completely exit stage left of my life & leave my love alone ~MuthaFuckaJones ~Realization that the only thing Port Alberni has for me is contact with my Mom ~Missing my 3 Cats ~Feeling sad that I don’t have a pet ~Recognising that I need more practise at having a healthy relationship ~Worried that my years at the mercy of an abusive man has left me damaged & unable to have a healthy relationship ~Thankful for the wonder & joy & acceptance the Love of my Life gives me ~Basking in the warm, positive influence of my love ~Shedding old, negative behaviours ~learning to recognize those old, negative behaviours ~Helping homeless friends ~Missing friend who lives afar ~Gearing up for Halloween ~Working at small changes in preparation for large, sweeping changes in my life ~So very much in love ~Breakfasts in bed ~ShabbaDoo ~Ding Fries Are Done! ~Impatient to have my own car finally ~Worries of a huge dental bill I can’t afford, but my son can’t afford to not have the work done ~Itching for change ~Patience is a virtue, why can’t “hurry the fuck up” be a virtue? ~Exploring self ~Signing up for relationship program ~Anxious to do something, ANYTHING ~RESTLESS ~Short Victoria & Vancouver trips ~Shoddy treatment ~Standing up for ME for a change ~REALLY dumped ~reconnecting with friends ~Rose tinting on my glasses flaking off ~Heartbreak inspires some of the BEST writing I’ve EVER done in my life ~Wondering if I’ll ever have love again or if I ever even had it? ~Self doubt seeping in ~Taking stock of who is who in my life ~Realizing that some of my “pretend friends” are skanky whore home-wreckers ~These betrayals cut deep ~Feeling despair & sorrow at the discovery of who is REALLY there for me when I need someone ~Feeling grateful for the one or two who are REALLY my true & reliable friends – you know who you are. ~Realizing that when he says he needs to be around positive people, he REALLY means he needs to be around people who put up with his bullshit ~Devastating heartbreak, betrayal, lies, slander, cruelty ~Basking in the warmth of friendship, the “squids” who he hated so, rally ’round and help me mend my broken heart ~I thank The Powers That Be every single day that you are all there when I need a shoulder to cry on, someone strong to protect me & someone to laugh with during the good times.
~Thank you for loving me even when I’m not smiling.
I wish you all the best in 2013, may it be a safe & happy year for all.
Peace, Love
Betty Stevenson
~December 2012


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