Bubbling Brook

The sweet scent of spring flowers wafted through the air, bringing me back to a time of youth and innocence.

We sat on a great, mossy boulder, the creek bubbling noisily around us. I giggled and dipped my toe in, splashing him playfully. As he tickled me in retaliation I squirmed to get away.

“I never want to let you go” he whispered in my ear, clutching me close to him.

For three years, throughout most of my high school years, he held on to me. Our relationship was both light and carefree, yet, deeply intense.
I recall so many fun times and memorable moments with him, and the pools of tears wept, borne of a deep well of love lost.

I often wonder what happened to him. Where ever he is, whatever he is doing, I can only hope all is good in his world.

When I think of him it leads me to believe that while we are young and innocent, it is then, and only then, that we are capable of truly opening ourselves to another, that jade and cynicism hasn’t yet clouded our thoughts as they do over time and with age…..


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