All you people who….

Tell me one thing, then show me another, guess what?
Ya’ll can eff right off.
I am saying this to the people in my life who *consistently* stand me up, keep me waiting – wasting my time, or constantly have their hand out and never repay the kindness or don’t repay things owed in a timely manner, repeatedly whine and bitch and moan about their situations, which they KNOW how to change, but, refuse to do so, and to the people who always treat their most loyal friends like sh*t on the bottom of their shoe, but, roll out the red carpet for others who are horribly undeserving of the kindnesses and trusts bestowed upon them. Yeah. YOU people! You know exactly who you are, I’m sure.

And before you all cry “Hey, Kettle, this is the Pot calling – guess what colour you are?”, I am fully aware of my shortcomings and, yes, I do, from time to time commit the above listed sins. BUT. I take steps to correct myself, sometimes they’re just tiny baby steps, but, I try to not be disrespectful of another’s time, efforts or personal space.

Anyway, yeah. Eff off, ‘cos I’ve about had it with the double standards and having my kindness mistaken for weakness.
I’ve always maintained that one shouldn’t eff around with people who are easy going and laid back because they’ll take your sh*t, and take your Sh*t and take some more sh*t, then the next thing you know, they’re swinging an axe at your head……I’m getting pretty damned close to picking up the axe.

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  1. andy1076
    Apr 14, 2013 @ 20:13:16

    You tell them! I’ve felt this way a lot more times than I remember myself.


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