Warm Summer Night

The sun beats down mercilessly upon my scantily clad body.  Lazily, I take in the scenery, relishing in the sensations of the light breeze dancing over my baking skin…..it’s delicious and the warmth of the sand relaxes all the muscles that have wreaked havoc throughout my body over the last few weeks.

As I admire a handsomely muscled young man pass by, my mind drifts off to a night one late August many years ago.  My boyfriend at the time was a much younger man than I, he was male beauty personified – Adonis.  The sun was setting, it was a peaceful day spent sunbathing.  The scent of coconut tanning oil wafting through the air – it was the perfect setting for a romantic evening, and romantic it was.

I wish I could entertain you with fantastic tales of steamy lovemaking, but, such is reality – it is made up of memories that at first glance may seem mundane, but, are the solid & real sustenance of life.

We spent the evening snuggled together in front of a small beach fire, roasting marshmallows and sharing spine tingling true encounters with the spirit world.  Finishing off the night with a swim, he and I splashed around in the lake, bath water warm as it was, dried off & nestled in the cocoon of our sleeping bag drifting off to sleep in front of the fire, under the stars.

The perfect summer night.


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