Tell me what you know about dreaming….

This is what I know:

Sometimes, when your dreams become reality, it becomes frightening even more so when you have nightmares that aren’t bizarre or of the couldn’t possibly ever happen variety.
Such as a dream of a loved one dying, or of being fired from your job, or being involved in some sort of violence.
I’ve only twice had dreams of loved ones who have passed away & I firmly believe that when the dead visit you in your dreams, they are trying to tell you something. Maybe I’m crazy, but, I truly believe we all have some sort of supernatural ability, but, most of us don’t know how to use it.

Have you had any experiences that have no explanation beyond the supernatural?


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  1. psu98nittanylioness
    Sep 25, 2013 @ 05:16:12

    I definitely have had some supernatural stuff…I was about 5 and a doll flew into my hands from the bed and I was standing in the hall in front of my room.

    I always had premonition type things…just a feeling something was going to happen to someone I know…would wake up and try to figure out who…was never a clear picture…

    After I got sick and was on death’s brink…I was in the “in between” half in half out. There I found empathy and intuitive gift curse…

    Now I wake up with knowing someone went into labor at the exact time…or someone is really sick…
    After my Mom passed she said she would give a sign she was watching over me…A monarch butterfly and the last of the season…. landed on me…butterflies are a sign of hope….
    And I hope!!!!


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