A little pet peeve…..

Here’s a typical conversation between myself & one of my friends when I feel as though I’ve spent too much time alone:
Friend: “Well, why didn’t you just come over?”
Me: “Cos I wasn’t invited”
Friend: “You could have called me and asked”
Me: “It’d be nice if you’d call me once in awhile & do the inviting”
Friend: “That’s silly, you’re just looking for a reason to be upset”

To which I just shake my head sadly, because, sometimes, my friend, I need YOU to call ME and show that you want to be a part of this friendship. Otherwise, I’m always inviting myself over and maybe this is my problem & not yours, but, when I’m the only one making plans to do stuff together, I feel as though you couldn’t care less one way or another if I’m around or not. Like I’m a burden.

All I’m saying is, any relationship is a two way street & I feel as though I’m just a tag-along, as though my presence isn’t important. Who wants to feel unimportant?


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