Welcome to the beginning of The End…….

Of 2013!!! And not a moment too soon. 2013 has been a pretty crap-ass year for me. Has been for a lot of people I know. Although, things *did* start looking up for me around the beginning of August. One or two friends have added immensely to my life since I returned from Victoria & for that, I am thankful.
I’ve been working on my Year-End Re-Cap & boy oh boy, it’s a long story – reflecting on the past year has made me a bit emotional & also wary of what the rest of this year will bring me – but also very much looking forward to 2014.
Just have a couple of tough days to get through this month, hopefully things will work out for me this weekend & my birthday not only won’t suck & break me down in tears, it won’t be lame either thanks to a new friend who has invited me over for dinner & drinks the night before bd. My Daughter was planning on coming home for the day too, but, finances will ultimately dictate & I’d rather she saved her $ to make it here for Christmas. I don’t know how I’m going to get it done, but, I need to get my car fixed by the 6th – it’s been leaking oil like a sieve and I will soon have Greenpeace chasing after me & picketing my poor little car. This being stuck in town BS is BS! >(


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