lyrics, lyrics, lyrics….

So many fitting ones to suit my life, perhaps one day I’ll smarten up & these lyrics won’t be so like my own life:

Got something real shiny to start
Want me to sign there on your Range Rover heart?
I’ve heard it before
Yeah, the dinners were nice
Till your diamond words melted into some ice

You shoulda been rapping to the beat of my song Mr. California,
papa gangsta wrong and I’m lookin’ for love, not an
empty page,  full of stuff that means nothing but
“you’ve been played”

But, then again, probably not, which is why I’ve decided the Theme Song of My Life is “Fool” by Shakira.

Ohhhh I’m having a pity party & nobody is invited.  There was only one person who could have given me any real comfort right now & well….read the lyrics, right?  He hasn’t shown me any different.  Words mean nothing if there’s nothing to  back it up.


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