You only get one…..

In this crazy busy world we always put the people who love us on the back burner when all those other pressing things occupy our time – money isn’t everything and  it is important, but, you can always get more money, you can always get more things, you can always find another job.  Money helps, but, it’s still such a trivial thing in the grand scheme of things.

When you lose your Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Best Friend, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, you can’t just get another one, they aren’t coming back.   The ones who love you most shouldn’t have to cry for your time.  

I know I’ve been guilty of doing that – being too busy to take the time to be with my loved ones.  I wish I could take it back, but, I guess if wishes were fishes, poor men would eat.  I wish for myself to be more appreciative of the people who love me and to not give myself to trivial matters or insincere people.  I know it isn’t something I should have to try to do, but, sometimes us humans aren’t aware of ourselves and overlook poor behaviour when we look in the mirror.


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