Year End Re-Cap Part 1

January – April 2013

~Ringing the New Year with strangers~Out of place, belonging nowhere~Sitting in the dark & cold, feeling abandoned, neglected, used & abused~Stuck in Nanaimo for a few days~Visit with a couple of different old friends~Experience my first kiss all over again = Mind.Blown.~Hustle hustle to make some $~Cataloging Hockey Cards for a friend~Car problems~Pretty certain my car was sabotaged~Shut out by certain friends~Kicked when I’m down~Vow to exclude harmful people from my life, no matter what~Turned the lights back on~Things are starting to look up, or so I thought~January was an incredibly heartbreaking month~ February isn’t much better~Terrifying car accident~Car written off~Thankful to be alive~Money slowly getting tighter~Depression sinking in~Trying to concentrate on writing~Money problems make it difficult to concentrate on anything~Three stories submitted to Chicken Soup for the Soul~Admitting to myself that The Jester is gone for good & we were really & truly done & it was Goodbye Forever~Wondering if this heartbreak will ever end?~March has to be a better month for me~Walking everywhere~Sure miss having a car, or even a bicycle~Unable to look for work~ICBC insults me with a crappy offer to settle for my accident~On the verge of eviction~Get some minimal financial relief from a friend~Meet all kinds of shady characters who offer me help that I nearly accept~Again, finances seem to be getting better~April Fool’s!!~Lent my rent money to horrible people who pretended to be my friends~Evicted after being duped out of my rent money~Packing my apartment~Bitter at “friends” who offer to help, but only show me their backs~Even more bitter at the pretend friends who DID supposedly help me by stealing all my furniture~Bitterness turns to anger~Depression deepening~Meet someone new & interesting~Possible sparks~One of my best friends in the whole wide world believes the sh*t he had been hearing about me~End of that friendship~Nearly unbearable heartbreak~How much more do I have to lose?~Oh, wait a minute – THIS is how much more I have to lose:  My home, my everything except what I could carry on my back,  and of course my Son had to go live with his Grandparents.~

~End of April


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