The Smoking Kid Ad…..

You know the one, everybody’s posting about it, it’s been on the news, etc.

It has given me some food for thought.  As a smoker myself, yup, I know the health risks, yup, I know it shaves years off of my life, (so they say), it’s bad for me, causes emphysema, cancer, yada yada yada.

Yet, I still smoke.  I *like* smoking.  Here’s where I’m supposed to say “Sorry, but…”, and list my reasons for smoking (or as an anti-smoker would say “my excuses for not quitting”).  I’m not sorry.  I make no excuses for who I am and what I enjoy.

But, smoking causes cancer!! You cry.  Oh, really?  So, explain to me the deaths of so many people due to cancer who weren’t smokers, you know, like the love of my life, who died at the age of 31 from cancer.  He wasn’t a smoker.

I don’t buy it.  Sorry kids, your ad didn’t make me feel bad for my choice to continue smoking.  Yes, if a little kid approached me & asked me for a cig or a light, I’d refuse & yes, I would inform them of the risks, but, I won’t be a party to under-aged, uninformed anything.  Once  you’re an adult, go ahead & light that bitch up if it so pleases you, just make sure you know what it’s all about before you partake.

And all you gavel-pounding anti-smokers out there, it’s not like I’m bloody well shooting heroin, not that that would be any of your business either.

Anyway, I’m going out for a smoke, have a nice day.


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  1. andy1076
    Dec 23, 2013 @ 14:20:41

    WOW! what a video!


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