Year End Re-Cap, part 2 – May – August

Taking baby steps in a budding relationship~afraid~A hike down  the Alberni Inlet~Nearly dropped the L-bomb~A call for help from my Daughter~That call for help saved me from depression~Saved me from a potentially abusive relationship~txt dumped after 2 weeks absence~more heartbreak~Therapeutic time on the beach at Thetis Lake~Thought my feet were dirty, turns out they were just tanned~2 month stay in Victoria~Photo bombing tourists at the Inner Harbour~Distressing call from Mom~Plans to go back to Port Alberni~Undersea Gardens~36 hours of moving my daughter from View Royal to Oak Bay~International Buskers Festival~Unpacking~Willow’s Beach~Days with my Son in Victoria~Swimming~A day with the in-laws~Back to Port Alberni~A long, beautiful day at Sproat Lake on a boat with a “hottie with a body”~Fruitless search for work~broke as a joke~strep throat, kinda frightening~having a hard time accepting that sometimes I have to rely on others~being a bad friend for good reasons~Lost another friend~But was she ever really my friend?~Falling in like~Trying not to~Sad about changes in a once good friend~STILL searching for work!~In serious like~happiness has found it’s way back into my life~Afraid that this new found happiness is only fleeting~Savouring every moment~It’s a good feeling to have somebody take care of me & look out for me for a change~Really appreciate his lack of  “me first” attitude.


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