Tribute to my Brother, Walter Stevenson

Walter Stevenson walked many different paths during his life.

That of a Son, a Brother, a Father, a Husband & Friend to all he loved.

Some of you may remember him as a partier, often rowdy, frequently a trouble maker, but, rarely was there malice in his intent.  Some of you guys, I’m sure, recall him as a scrapper.

Not me.

The Wally I remember was impish & full of mischief.  Always the prankster – he would walk up behind me, tap my right shoulder only for me to discover he was standing to my left.

The Wally I cherish in my memories bathes his orange & white cat in green food colouring & names him Carrots, draws eyebrows on his dog and shouts “Look at the dead bird!” while pointing skyward to see if you’ll look.

That was my brother.  My favourite story of him was told by my Mom.

They were out mushroom picking one day & he says his most famous joke to  her: “you dropped your pocket”, without skipping a beat, Mom reached down, in the middle of the forest & picks up somebody’s back pocket that got left behind.  I would have given my eye teeth to see the look on his face when she turned to him and said “Thanks”

Although Walter was always quick to smile, always had some sort of prank to play on someone (during my childhood years, that someone was ME), despite the ever present laughter, you could see all the burdens of his world that weighed heavy on his heart, deep in his eyes.

Sadly, he often grew weary of all the sorrows and lost himself in addiction, always searching for solace & shelter from the storm of life.

We were all so proud of him these last few months of his life as he faced the world, standing tall, throwing away the wobbly crutches of drink.

Yeah, he’s free……


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Teela Hart
    Mar 18, 2014 @ 03:25:43

    I am so sorry for your loss.


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