After spending an evening with someone who I very much admired, I’m left wondering just how much I see of others is real?
I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, although, I have to admit after my last couple relationships I’ve had to staple the damn thing back on.
I dont understand people & I often wonder if maybe the scars left by my evil ex have damaged me to the point where I can’t make a connection with another in that way again? Maybe there is something about me that causes others to take a step back from me?
*must think about this more


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  1. Kara B. Wilson
    May 24, 2014 @ 17:19:29

    I’m sure you have things to work on because we all do. But, if things didn’t work out with other people–romantically or friend-wise, then maybe it just wasn’t the right fit. I think people come into our lives at certain times to help us grow or indirectly teach us something. Sometimes we can’t figure it out until much later, but in the meantime we can work on ourselves and learn to appreciate and enjoy our own company as we heal and get stronger…Just a thought. 🙂


  2. TC
    May 30, 2014 @ 16:57:05

    Your giving that loser way too much of your mind and energy!! once you visualize him out of your life completely??? you will be better off. Way WAY too much time invested in someone thats been so nasty to other human beings. If not you really…its not.


    • arita77
      Jun 01, 2014 @ 21:09:20

      Thank you, although, when referring to the “evil ex”, I’m not talking about the same person that you may think I am.
      I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years up until 2009 – I’m well over him, but, some mental scars remain, I’ve gone thru counseling etc to deal with my issues, but, some scars run deep.
      The idiot you’re talking about isn’t even worth the sh*t on the bottom of my shoe. I feel sorry for his new gf, I’m sure by this time she’s figured out what kind of user/loser/abuser he is. You have to be bag-of-hammers smart to not realize what he is after awhile. (Believe me, I obviously touched base on that level of intelligence to hand over a pile of money on his word, not proud of that one!)


  3. arita77
    Jun 01, 2014 @ 21:19:11

    In this particular blog entry I’m talking about someone who, against my better judgment,I became very briefly involved with. I don’t normally “fish off the company pier”, so to speak, but, for whatever stupid reason, I believed he was genuine.
    Aside from seeing him at work since that evening 3 weeks ago, I haven’t seen or heard from him despite his reassurance that he was sincere and was just having personal issues. My guess is his personal issues are that he actually didn’t really like me & storied me to keep things smooth at work.
    Blah, I should have known better than to become involved with a co-worker in the first place.


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