As a matter of fact…

Yes. Yes I *do* get to change my mind, if I so choose to.
I *am* allowed to apologize & ask for forgiveness.
Just as you can change your mind and forgive. As a human being it is your right and my right to change our minds.
You go ahead and remain angry and hate me. That’s ok. It makes me sad for you that you carry that anger and hate around with you, but, that is up to you.
I’ll still be here should you change your mind & I already have forgiven you, regardless.
I know I was wrong, but, you aren’t entirely right either.
I’m still your friend, even if you aren’t mine.
If you want to read that as a “life lesson”, that’s ok too.
I’m taking my brief experience with you as a lesson for sure.
So long for now, friend, I dearly hope you find it within yourself to forgive, I sincerely do.


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