Something I’ve been pondering…..

Have you ever met somebody of the opposite sex with whom you shared a magnetic attraction? Yet, you like them so much you want to keep them, so you friendzone them?
Or you know that what you share together is simply animal instinct and taking the relationship to another level would be, I don’t want to say a waste of time, but, let’s face it, if one of the two wants children and the other definitely does not, for example – what is the point of trying to make an intimate, long-term relationship work?
I’m rather ambivalent when it comes to wanting a “relationship”. I often think I do, but, I self-sabotage should a man come along & make himself available. It’s really rather masochistic of me – the less available he is, the more I’m attracted. Sometimes I think I invented the commitment issue. I know in my head that I do this, yet, can’t seem to stop myself.
I miss having someone to snuggle up to at night & wake up with in the morning. On the other hand, I really enjoy my freedom to do as I please, when I please.
Sometimes I really think I’m kinda crazy =/


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