You may recall a few months ago my post about the Smoking Kid ad where I state I had no intention of quitting, I actually *enjoyed* smoking.
That was true.
Early July I came down with a bad case of strep throat again. After a few visits to my Doctor & his warnings of being susceptible to heart attack due to strep infection, his admonishments lead me to purchase an electronic cigarette. Even without smoking, my risk of heart attack is pretty great.
That sucks.
That being said, I’ve read many reports about how e-smokes are worse for you than smoking and after my own personal research, I gotta say – NO.
After three weeks of using the e-smoke, it died. I took up smoking again. Within a day and a half, my lungs were so sore. I took my e-smoke apart & fiddled with it a bunch of times & it mysteriously started working again. I bought another one by this time, so now, I have one charged at any given time.
My lungs don’t hurt any more.
‘Nuff said.


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