Thinking about Teachers, The Gov’t & Court Orders

I’ve been thinking about what would happen to you or me if we disregarded a court order?

My guess is we would be held in contempt of court & punished accordingly,  I haven’t read all the law books, but,  I’m pretty sure jail would be a possibility.   

As a Government,  isn’t it their duty to lead by example?   As a citizen,  why should I or would I obey our courts if the elected Government won’t do so?  And why on earth are we tolerating this Gov’ts blatant disobedience of a ruling made in our courts of law years ago?

You betchyerass if a group of protesters disobeyed a court order, they’d be jailed.  So what makes Christy Clark and her gang of shysters any different or more special than you or me?


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