It seems like just yesterday…..

….that I was preparing my “Year End Re-Cap” for 2013.

I start this every year around this time – put pen to paper in preparation of reminding myself of all the lessons learned over the last year. Always ending with high hopes for the coming year.
Welcoming the New Year in the never-wavering belief that it will be a better, happier year than the one I’m putting on the shelf.

This year, however, has smashed that belief, reducing it to a great pile of doubt. I struggle with the fact that the people I cared for didn’t care enough about me to stop me when I sacrificed my own comfort for theirs, in fact, turned their backs on me during my darkest hours.

This is a tough, dismal year for me to write about and I don’t look forward to reliving it through my written word. I must do it though. For myself, to help heal my hurts, to hopefully learn from my mistakes. As well as just to say “F*ck You 2014! You don’t win”


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