Pounding My Gavel

Very recently I’ve been accused of being judgemental.
I’m willing to own that, to a certain extent. I may even be a smidge self-righteous, but, I know I am far from perfect. I know in a lot of ways I am weak, passive-agressive, somewhat self-absorbed, a lot neurotic & o.c.d., as well as insecure, shy, self-conscious and although I do own my faults, I wear a mask to try conceal all that. Never mind that my mask is flimsy & quite see-through!
Yes, if one is going to put their bad behavior on display & abuse the people around them, I *will* judge you. You are just asking, nay, begging to have me pound my gavel at you. If you are going to thump your chest and keep score of the things you do for your loved ones & think that earns you a free pass, I am going to pass judgement on you.
I’m so tired of having to be the bitch, but, here’s the problem:
When I see others taking advantage of somebody too physically weak & emotionally exhausted to defend themselves & all they can do is retreat, from their own home no less, I am going to do something about it. It may take me awhile to accomplish what I set out to do, but, mark my words – I’ve pounded my gavel & the verdict is in. The free ride is over. Abusive behaviour will no longer be tolerated.


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