Dear 2014, You can Eff right off already! Part 1


Ringing in the New Year hugging the bowl, all alone, the flu hit me late in the afternoon of December 31st hard and fast ~ A bit of foreshadowing? ~ Frustrated & angry at my ex, Rocky Primavera for duping me out of a large sum of money that I lent him in good faith ~ So lonely and sad ~ Empty promises from so-called friends ~ Rip-off ~ Peace out Girl Scout ~ The ~ I know I’m never going to get a cent out of him, so I deal with it the only way I know how – laughter because of the ridiculous things he says and warning others to beware of this scammer ~ RIP Uncle Glen ~ RIP Nevee ~ RIP Grandpa Mexico ~ Beginning to feel as though my best friend of 12 years is actually just a fair-weather friend now that I, once again, don’t have a vehicle ~ So tired of the long, cold & wet walk to and from work ~ Where are all my supposed “good” friends now that I have nothing? ~ DEVASTATING Heartbreak ~ So long Wally, I’m so sad and broken from the loss of my big brother. ~ In dire need of a friend ~ My Brother has been gone for three days already and not one of my “friends” has come to see me until I bribe who I thought was my best friend with dinner ~ Her half hour visit gave her enough time to eat and show me her back ~ Funeral planning, thinking of how to honour him ~ All I can do though is cry and sleep ~ “Best friend” is a no-show for Wally’s service ~ Mourning the loss of a friendship I had believed to be real, it’s as if yet another loved one has died ~ Seeking comfort to ease the pain of the emptiness inside me ~ So thankful for my job, without it, I would not have gotten out of bed & probably would still be there ~ Developing new friendship with a co-worker, but, ever wary of the agenda others may have, I don’t like this untrusting me ~ Irresistible attraction, but, my caution makes me shy ~ Feeling rather school-girlish ~ A new friendship forming out side of work, the bonds of a deep, abiding friendship with a girl and her dog form quickly, cementing itself in place ~ It’s good to have a shoulder to lean on, to have a friend who actually listens to the things I say, who appreciates all the small things that come with friendship, someone who keeps her word. ~ It’s good to have a friend who doesn’t use all the things she’s done for me as ammo for when things don’t go her way, whose gifts, never to be mentioned as a tool to induce guilt, a friend who doesn’t look at me only as someone to call when she needs something. ~ It’s good to have a friend who walks her talk.

~ I miss my brother.



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