The Other Cheek…..

Here I am, yet again forcing myself to take the high road in life.
Some days I feel as if I’m constantly getting the shaft in every way possible.
I spend a great deal of my time with a couple of people who do not like me and who have circuitously sabotaged anything they possibly could to make my life misery – all the while oozing superficial niceties to my face.
I feel as though I’m in junior high again – except in junior high whenever anybody had a problem with me, they were straight up about it.
This is what troubles me the most – the subversiveness of it all. The gas-lighting. I know damned well if I try to do anything about it, it will make me look like a neurotic, crazy bitch hell bent on getting her way, stamping her foot & throwing a big ol’ tantrum.
Normally I don’t give a shit what other people think about me, but, when it affects my livelihood, I have to tread carefully.
Gah! I’m so super frustrated by this situation. >(


I seriously put an effort into taking the high road when I’m in dispute with another.
But. How many times must one be attacked either verbally & viciously so, or have property destroyed before one finally snaps & just dishes it all back?
I can only turn the other cheek so far before it twists a 360 & snaps back.
*taking a deep breath & trying to step away*

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