Acceptable levels…..

I’ve been reading up on Monsanto, fluoridated water, and various other crap we put in our food and water.
Quite often the words “acceptable levels of…” are uttered in defense of these poisons.
This is the conclusion I have come to: When somebody tells you an acceptable level of whatever the f*ck in your food is such and such, what they mean is that it won’t kill you right away. They can’t maximize their profits if it kills you right away.
As a matter of fact, it will probably kill you quite slowly at first, over a number of years and you won’t die until you’ve suffered through countless rounds of blood tests, urinalysis’, maybe a few colonoscopies for good measure, so that the doctor’s get their share of the pie. Then they have to make sure big pharma gets a nice big piece as well, so, they’ll keep you alive with super expensive drugs for a little while longer, just until you have nothing left and your family is taking out a second mortgage on the house to pay for medical treatment for you, thus ensuring the banks get yet another helping.  
That’s the bright side of the picture, if you don’t have any kind of money or medical coverage or family you can turn to for help, you’ll just go through life in pain, start self-prescribing whatever you can find on the streets, fall through the cracks and probably die of a fentanyl overdose or chronic liver disease, heart attack, or stroke and be buried as a pauper.
Gah. It’s downright infuriating how apathetic people are about so many wrongs in our society.  
I miss having my head in the sand and I want my rose tinted glasses back.

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