Let Justice Prevail.

August 20, 2015 marked the 9th anniversary of the murder of one of the best friends I will ever know.

Kristy Morrey, it gave me tears of bittersweet joy when I heard that your killer was arrested.


I dearly hope that the police have strong enough evidence for a conviction and that our justice system, for once, does its job properly.

May you finally rest in peace knowing that Justice has been done.

Theme Song of The Day – The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

In Loving Memory of an amazing friend, Kristy Morrey.  May Justice be done.  Red heart

Much needed time off work…..

This has been a long, somewhat dreary year for me.  I’ve had very little interest in writing.  I simply can’t seem to muster up the desire to sit and write the way I used to.  I’m hoping this short vacay will help me get back into it.

There have been a few highlights that have brightened up my 2015.  My Son graduated high school in July.  I’m so proud of him, after so many struggles and so much school missed (at least 3 years), he still managed to graduate on time.  No small feat, he crammed all the time he missed into one school year and made the honour roll.  I thought I was going to absolutely burst with pride when he walked the stage.  He promptly moved into his own apartment after completing high school and is officially a Grown-up.

It’s odd, neither of my kids have lived with me for a couple of years now, but, I feel……kinda lost now that both of my kids are “grown-up”.

I think I just have so much floating around in my brain, I haven’t the faintest clue how to articulate any of it nor do I know where to start.

Theme Song of The Day – Die Antwoord

This isn’t really my theme song today, I just felt the need to mention that I really thought there would be more jumping in this video……it needs more jumping.

Theme Song of the Day – Jeff Buckley

Theme Song of The Day – The Eurythmics

The Other Cheek…..


Here I am, yet again forcing myself to take the high road in life.
Some days I feel as if I’m constantly getting the shaft in every way possible.
I spend a great deal of my time with a couple of people who do not like me and who have circuitously sabotaged anything they possibly could to make my life misery – all the while oozing superficial niceties to my face.
I feel as though I’m in junior high again – except in junior high whenever anybody had a problem with me, they were straight up about it.
This is what troubles me the most – the subversiveness of it all. The gas-lighting. I know damned well if I try to do anything about it, it will make me look like a neurotic, crazy bitch hell bent on getting her way, stamping her foot & throwing a big ol’ tantrum.
Normally I don’t give a shit what other people think about me, but, when it affects my livelihood, I have to tread carefully.
Gah! I’m so super frustrated by this situation. >(

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I seriously put an effort into taking the high road when I’m in dispute with another.
But. How many times must one be attacked either verbally & viciously so, or have property destroyed before one finally snaps & just dishes it all back?
I can only turn the other cheek so far before it twists a 360 & snaps back.
*taking a deep breath & trying to step away*

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