The silence shows me what I need to know

I don’t want to pay for somebody’s friendship.  If your friendship comes with a price tag, don’t call me.

Since I have told you that, I haven’t heard a peep.

That makes me so very sad for you.

Have you ever met….

A person so incredibly unique and so beautiful that you know your life is just so much richer for knowing them, but, you also know you can’t have them in your life?

I have.

First post of 2016

In Victoria, visiting my daughter.

Life is good.

That is all.

2015 – A year of…..I’m n0t even really sure what

I closed my 2013 declaring that 2014 was going to be my Bitch.  2014 showed me who exactly the Bitch was in the hardest possible ways, it nearly broke me.

So, when I was closing out 2014 & being introduced to 2015, I decided instead that I wanted it to be my friend.

This was a year of many mixed emotions, none of which I could articulate enough to put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard.  I did very little writing over the past year.

My high notes were a camping trip with my kids in May & my Son graduating from High School in June.

It was also about finding my place to be, both in my personal life and work.  I cannot thank the people in my life enough for just being themselves and being a part of my life.

I don’t know if I can say that 2015 & I are close friends, but, we are well acquainted & don’t hate each other – we’re parting on civil terms.  I can only hope she gives me a good reference to take with me into 2016.

So, my dear readers, may 2016 bring you all much happiness and good fortune.  Love to all.

Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke

Source: Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke

Theme Song of the Day – The Dresden Dolls

Theme Song of The Day – Michael Jackson

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